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Why Choose Advantage Golf School?

We’re proud to announce that GOLF Magazine has named Advantage Golf School as one of the nation’s top golf schools.  Read the Golf Magazine announcement here

One of America’s Best Golf Schools

Veteran PGA and LPGA Instructors
Advantage Golf Schools feature one to one instruction, by PGA and LPGA
teaching professionals. The average PGA Advantage golf instructor has
over 15 years teaching experience. A relaxed, easy to understand
instructional program and our one-to-one attention is the best plan for improving golf game!


Resort Accommodations
Advantage Golf Schools offers deluxe hotel accommodations. We also offer
commuter rates in the event you have already made arrangements for
lodging during your school. Our host resorts are among the finest in America, with an abundance of amenities including, award winning spas, dining with some of the world’s leading chefs, shopping, guided city and historic tours, and much more for the golfer and non golfer alike.

Top Golf Courses
Most Advantage Golf Schools are hosted at luxury golf resorts and
private golf clubs. You are assured of a tremendous learning facility
and golf course when you attend an Advantage Golf School. After your
school day is over, enjoy more golf (additional fees may apply) or
practice or feel free to use any of the clubs facilities. From tennis
to dining, swimming, exercise areas, and more.

The Advantage Teaching Philosophy

Personalized Golf Instruction

Our golf schools are unlike any other national schools. We feature only
1:1 and 2:1 student to professional ratios. Most other schools are 3,
4, or 5:1. Personalized instruction allows you to improve faster and in
a shorter time span. Our low ratio insures you total attention. You
will learn more in less time, and enjoy the game more than ever.

Instruction Tailored to Your Game

We analyze your swing, flexibility and experience as well as your
personal golf goals and objectives. We customize a learning plan
exclusively for you. No two golfers are alike in size, shape,
experience, etc. As such, we don’t teach everyone one “method”. It just
doesn’t make sense! Come to Advantage Golf School and get a “tailor
made” plan for improving your game.

Golf Swing Built on Fundamentals

While everyone is different, we have learned there are certain basic
fundamentals that everyone must achieve. We have developed easy to
understand concepts that will allow you to see, feel and understand the
crucial fundamentals that are the foundation of a better game. You will
learn to understand your swing, the causes & effects of your good
and bad shots. We provide you the ability to feel and correct swing
faults and get the most from practice. After attending an Advantage Golf
School, not only will you play better, you will understand why.

What our students say…

recently returned from the Fairmont Turnberry with the 2 day package of Advantage
Golf School.  The location, weather, and accommodations were spectacular.
More importantly, the instruction that I  received from Cristina Tramell
was nothing short of fabulous.  She was wonderfully pleasant, personable,
energetic and eager to make  my golf instruction an enlightening,
informative, and pleasant  experience .  I feel my golf game
and swing has been resurrected.  I will be recommending Advantage Golf to
my fellow golfing comrads.  Oh, and I must note…on the 7th hole of the South
course Christina got a hole in one…the first i have ever seen…Thanks
again for a wonderful experience
……………David Bianchini

had an excellent school in Scottsdale with Don Person, just wanted to let you
I plan to rebook as soon as i can
and train again with Don.
Thanks for the
great experience
, Chris Janeczko

I think I mentioned to you already, aside from my wedding day and the birth of
my twin daughters (whose pictures are attached by the way), the last 4 days
with you at school were the best of my life.

the way home on the plane I thought about all the little things we covered………I
actually went to my club this morning before work and hit balls for about an
hour…..sweet results by the way….

club ‘twirl’ on the follow thru and scoop of sand dump for divots were “icing
on the cake”

wish I could do it all over again, Dave………….I will never be able to thank you
enough for what you did for me…
…………Benjamin D

Pete and I just spent the past weekend with Bob at
your school. What can I say? We both had such a FANTASTIC TIME… worked hard
and learned a TON! Great program, great instructors, great facilities… thanks
for such a wonderful experience!
Vicki and Pete Keller

Valerie,A short note to thank you for giving me a happy
and fruitful three days in Tampa. The arrangements and accommodations were
excellent. The learning process well exceeded even my best expectations. Scott
is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to converse with. The format – morning
practice and an afternoon game – was ideal for my needs. Above all I had fun!
Thank you for a well organized, well executed, learning process. I will be
telling all my friends.
Malcolm Davies

Dear John, I thought I would take a minute to say how
much we enjoyed Jan as our instructor. She was absolutely wonderful. We really
liked her quiet, encouraging approach; she had an ability to zero in on little
quirks that were causing major problems (swinging too fast, not lining the ball
up accurately on the green or tee, weight not shifting through quite right,
etc.). She’s a great teacher. So, thank you! We had a great time (wonderful
weather in Phoenix helped, of course, especially when we saw weather reports
for our home in Ohio with record low temperatures). But Jan was really the
source of our great experience; she was great to work with
. Sincerely, Mrs.
Rory O’Neil



commitment is to do everything to help make your visit with us more
convenient and enjoyable. Any special needs or requests can be handled
by our veteran staff. Call us today at 1-877-239-6609.

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